Survey: Which are the challenges that enterprises face …

… when employing refugees?

The partnership is currrently trying to find answers to this and other questions. For this purpose an online survey was set up and a series of interviews will be conducted with enterprises in all partner regions. Also, the partnership tries to identify examples of good practice for the successful integration of refugees into enterprises.
If you are interested and want to participate, benefit and support us on different levels, you can:

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Kick-off meeting in Kassel

The project has officially started in March with the kick-off meeting in Kassel, Germany. The meeting was a great opportunity for the partners from Germany, Austria, Greece, Italy, France and Bulgaria to get to know to each other. In a friendly and open-minded atmosphere the partners summarized the project objectives and planned the first steps for REST. These will include a comprehensive stocktaking and needs analysis phase in order to identify the barriers enterprises face in their attempt to employ refugees. Respective training modules and counselling shall help overcome these barriers.