The REST Label

Recognising organisations that promote an inclusive working climate and diversity at the workplace

Does your organisation employ a refugee or a person with migration background and promotes diversity and an inclusive working climate? Let your stakeholders know about it – get the REST Label!


What does the REST Label represent?

The REST project is aiming at ceating and applying a comprehensive training and support system for enterprises that are interested in employing refugees.

The REST Label is a European qualitylabel that provides a clear signal that your organisation has not only committed to hiring refugees or people with migration background but to apply approaches to successfully integrate them at the workplace.

It demonstrates to your employees, clients, customers, suppliers, etc. that your organisation is committed to implement comprehensive strategies to promote diversity and an inclusive working climate. Get the REST label and show the world what your organisation’s values are.

Who can get the REST Label?

The REST Label shall be awarded to those organisations that can demonstrate they meet the following criteria:

  • Having experience in the recruitment and integration of refugees or people with migration background into the workforce;
  • Supporting and enabling refugees to become fully-fledged team members;
  • Sensitising and learning for all employees e.g. with intercultural learning, training and development;
  • Creating inclusive working climate which encourages diversity, involvement and empowerment of every team member

The REST Label will be awarded through a validated self-assessment process in which organisations present a clear case for how they meet these criteria.

How to Apply:

For online application please CLICK HERE

The following document is provided as a guide and aid to your preparation: Label Guide

Only online applications can be accepted.

If you do encounter any problems please contact Sarah Wild at

Who can apply:

Any company, social enterprise, public sector or voluntary sector organisation including NGO’s, based in one of the 28 Member States of the European Union and including Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Croatia, Turkey.