Support system for enterprises

Currently the REST team is developing the REST support system consisting of face-to-face workshops, coaching support and the REST online platform. These activities will take thew whole summer and autumn. Results are expected for December 2017, when the team meets for their third partner meeting in Vienna.
In Spring 2018 the implementation phase will start, during which enterprises and organisations get the opportunity to participate in the workshops and profit of coaching and support offers and online platform.

2nd Partner Meeting in Roubaix

On July 6th/7th , 2017, the partners met for the 2nd time in Roubaix, France. Main focus of the meeting was to gather the preliminary results of the stocktaking in every participating country and derive the content and topics for the REST support system.
Every partner had already conducted a desk research to identify successful integration measures in enterprises as well as various interviews with employers and integration experts. In extensive discussions the frameworks in all participating countries were analysed and compared. The team was able to identify common topics of interest in every country. These are related intercultural competences, legal aspects and mentoring. Nevertheless, it was obvious that the REST support system with its modular approach needs to allow for national specifications to meet the specific local needs and challenges.  As a result the REST team drafted and agreed on a vision and mission statement for the project.